The Glen is still growing according to 2016 census

The 2016 census for The Glen has just been released, and it is interesting reading. For instance it tells us that there are 5,504 residents residing in 2,453 homes in the 14 development areas (read: neighborhoods), as of August, 2016. Of these 5,000+ residents, 1,422 are children.

The total population is up by 305 residents (+5.8%) from 2015; and there are 230 more homes (+10.3%).  The Glen is still growing!

Each year the Village of Glenview (in Illinois) has this census done to calculate payments to various jurisdictions which provide services to Glen residents. So, for instance, the more children in schools means that the village owes more money to local school districts. Let’s dig a little deeper into the census results.

The 14 development areas include 10 with privately owned homes or rented single and multi-family homes. The other 4 include Navy housing and 3 senior housing communities. Navy? Yes, indeed. The Glen resides on the grounds of the former Naval Air Station Glenview; and there remain 112 housing units for Navy personnel of which there are 213 adults and 88 children.

In the 10 communities with privately owned and rental homes, there are 4,438 residents of which 1,310 (30%) are children.   Here is a breakdown by neighborhood:

Aloft: 181 apartments, 187 adults, 11 children

Cambridge: 244 homes, 477 adults, 194 children

Chapel Crossing: 167 homes, 420 adults, 270 children

Glenshore: 31 homes, 45 adults, 6 children

Landings (Concord): 143 homes, 348 adults, 215 children

Patriot Commons: 68 homes, 205 adults, 28 children

Regency: 146 homes, 292 adults, 97 children

Southgate: 299 homes, 666 adults, 383 children

Tower Crossing: 154 townhomes, 310 adults, 66 children

Westgate:  172 homes, 178 adults, 40 children

Of the 1,398 children in The Glen (including Navy housing), 1,109 are of school age. 83% attend public schools. 17% attend private schools. This last number is particularly interesting because in most suburban communities the percentage of children in private schools averages between 4% and 8%.

There is a great deal of additional information in this year’s census, and I will include more of it in future blogs.

Margaret Ludemann, Glen homeowner and Realtor

The Glen Realty Group, affiliated with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage