Emergency help is on the way…in The Glen

My family and I live in The Glen, an upscale residential and retail community in Glenview Illinois. We moved here in 2003 which was in the early days of the development. We have come to love our home, Gallery Park, Lake Glenview, Glen Town Center’s wonderful restaurants and shops, and the several lovely neighborhoods filled with single family homes, townhomes, duplexes, and two-flats. All of these things attracted us to The Glen in the first place. But what I never considered back then was access to emergency health care. A person doesn’t really think of things like that when looking for a home.

Well, about ten years ago my husband had a health emergency in the middle of the night. Naturally I was terribly frightened, but I had the good sense to immediately call 911. Then came a very pleasant surprise and great relief. The EMTs arrived at my home in two minutes. That’s not a typo. Two minutes! You see, The Glen is home to a first class fire station with 24 hour emergency services.

Trained EMT professionals got my husband in an ambulance quickly. Off he went to the hospital – Glenbrook Hospital – barely five minutes away. From my call to the hospital, barely 10 to 12 minutes elapsed. Fortunately my husband’s condition was stabilized, and he has recovered. But I’ve never forgotten that night and the remarkable speed in which he was treated.

When I talk to prospective Glen home buyers I always point out the ready access all residents have to emergency services…fire, health, and police. (Glenview’s police headquarters borders The Glen.) Some potential buyers initially wonder why a Realtor is telling them about emergency services, but after I tell them my story, they understand.

If you may be interested in living in The Glen, please contact me. I am an award winning Realtor affiliated with Coldwell Banker.

Margaret Ludemann, The Glen Realty Group

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