The Glen’s Little Bear Garden in full swing!

Glen children enjoying Little Bear Garden

Summer is in full swing at Little Bear Garden in The Glen’s Gallery Park.  Little Bear is where parents bring their small children for a few minutes or a few hours of pure fun.  Beautiful flowers surround the playground where tots can slide, climb, play in sand, and run through spraying water.  Parents enjoy watching their little ones while relaxing on benches or swings.  Picnic tables are available for families wanting to bring a lunch or snack.

I snapped this photo recently while walking from my Glen home to The Park Center for my morning jog around the free indoor track.  I often stop to watch the kiddies and to walk through the lovely garden which always puts a smile on my face.   It brings back memories of when my son when was a little guy.  We would go to Little Bear Garden most spring and summer days.  Now that he’s about to enter 6th grade, he will walk right past Little Bear on his way to Attea Middle School which also resides in Gallery Park.  I’m sure that he will be reminded each day of all the fun times he had as a little boy at Little Bear.  Getting to Little Bear Garden is a snap.  You can walk there from any home in The Glen.