There are signs of spring. And there is THE sign of spring in Glenview.

When I moved to The Glen many years ago, I discovered the Glenview Dairy Bar nearby. I remember driving by it the first time.  It looked so sweet and quaint in a 1950s kind of way. The hand painted sign tipped me off that it’s a local business…a family business. But really, it’s more than a business. It’s a Glenview institution, and it’s part of all of us…all of us who live here and love it here.

The Glenview Dairy Bar holds a special place in the hearts of those of us who are so fortunate to live in Glenview. On our first visit each spring we all look for the picture…the picture of the year’s first customers, having camped out all night.  It’s like seeing the first robin in the spring. It means the long winter is over!

Sure we go there to enjoy the ice cream, but also to remember summers past. Of being a kid. Of lazy summer evenings with family and friends.  We also go there to create new memories that we can call up on a cold winter day.  So here’s to the Glenview Dairy Bar!  It’s open seven days a week at 1015 Harlem Ave.  Maybe I’ll see you there.

Margaret Ludemann

Realtor, The Glen Realty Group, Coldwell Banker Residential Mortgage