Art Fair Returns to Glen Tower Center

Thousands attended The Glen’s annnual Art Fair

The annual Glen Town Center Art Fair returned to Tower Drive in The Glen last weekend.  The entire street was filled with booths displaying various forms of art by nationally known and very prominent artists.  Both sides of our “main street” were packed with gawkers and buyers alike.

My son was the first in my family to head “downtown”.  Having just received his allowance he grabbed his wallet and walked the half block to where one end of the fair began.  We live in the Tower Crossing townhome community which borders Glen Town Center on three sides, so we were particularly close to the action!  Most of the art was well beyond his financial means, but there was one artist who created fanciful characters out of metal…any old kind of metal such as nails, scissors, bolts and washers.  While this particular artist had many expensive items, he displayed some smaller pieces within the budget of an eleven year old boy who had been saving up for a couple of months.  He made a purchase from this artist last year, but his acquisition last weekend was a special treasure…a musician with guitar.

Paintings, photographs, hand crafted jewelry, tiles, silver work, pottery, and wood craft were among the art forms for sale at this year’s fair which attracted a couple thousand people during the weekend.  My husband and I enjoyed strolling down the street looking at the displays, visiting with artists, and running into Glen neighbors.  We have such a vibrant community here in The Glen, and our annual art fair is a great example.  We can hardly wait for next year.