Classic Car Day at The Glen


Classic Car Day at The Glen

1964 T-Bird at car show in The Glen

Sunday was Classic Car Day at The Glen in Glenview, Illinois.  Tower Drive, The Glen’s “main street”, was filled with beautiful autos of yesteryear.  My husband and I decided to walk over and take it all in.  We found that hundreds of our Glen neighbors made the same decision.  Glen Town Center, as our shopping and dining area is called, is a short walk from any home in The Glen.

I snapped this photo of a 1964 Thunderbird followed by a 1989 Bentley as they drove down the street for the enjoyment of Glen residents and visitors who were shopping or dining at our many outdoor cafes.  My husband’s favorite was a 1957 Chevy, while I was particularly enamored with a 1960’s era Porsche.

Many of these classic cars were parked along Tower Drive which allowed people to get up close, look inside, and talk to owners about their vehicles.  I spent some time talking with a young man, he was probably about 25, whose proud possession was a Pontiac roughly twice his age.  It turns out that the car had belonged to his uncle, and he inherited it a few years ago.  It has become his passion keeping it in tip top shape.

Classic Car Day at The Glen occurs a couple of times each summer, and it is a big hit among Glen residents, all of whom feel fortunate to live in such a wonderful community with so much to see and do.