Summer in Glenview means outdoor dining in The Glen

A couple of months ago I wrote a blog about the unofficial – but very real – sign of spring in Glenview, the opening of the Glenview Dairy Bar. Well, there’s also a sign of summer, and its right here in The Glen…outdoor dining in Glen Town Center. We have 17 restaurants in The Glen, […] Read more »

The Glen, not just a home, a lifestyle

The Glen in Glenview Illinois.  Perhaps you’ve driven through it at one time or another.  You’ve seen our lovely homes…townhomes, row houses, duplexes, two-flats, condominium apartments, and of course single family homes.  Many are quite large.  In fact the townhomes in our Tower Crossing neighborhood are between 3031 sq ft and 4105 sq ft.  These […] Read more »

Classic Car Day at The Glen

Classic Car Day at The Glen

  Sunday was Classic Car Day at The Glen in Glenview, Illinois.  Tower Drive, The Glen’s “main street”, was filled with beautiful autos of yesteryear.  My husband and I decided to walk over and take it all in.  We found that hundreds of our Glen neighbors made the same decision.  Glen Town Center, as our […] Read more »