First dates…in The Glen

My husband bought our movie tickets on our first date. It was in the city, long ago. Of course he wasn’t my husband then, but I remember thinking he was off to a good start. ‘Splitting the bill’ seemed to be the thing back then, or maybe I had been seeing the wrong guys. Now that I think about it, I’m sure I had been seeing the wrong guys. Anyway, my memory of that evening remains strong, and I bet you remember yours, too.

So, what’s that have to do with a blog about The Glen? Read on.

Fast forward. My family has lived in The Glen (in Glenview Illinois) since nearly its beginning. And what a great place to live! 1300 luxury homes. Gallery Park. Lake Glenview. Two golf courses. A vibrant “downtown” area called Glen Town Center with upscale shopping, tons of great restaurants, a coffee shop, and – you guessed it – a cool movie theater…perfect for first dates or even 50th anniversaries.

It’s a place where well-behaved kids can “hang out” on a Friday night. (Sometimes first dates involve a lot of people and much hanging out.) They eat mac and cheese at Noodles or pizza at Your Pie, catch the latest superhero movie at Arclight Cinema, get ice cream at Ben and Jerry’s or cookies at Cookies By Design. It’s a safe place where they can see friends, talk about homecoming, and maybe, just maybe, fall in love for the first time.

It’s also a place where those of us of a certain age can hang out, too. We might get a drink at Flight Wine Bar, dinner at Bravo Cucina Italiana, catch the new non-superhero movie, and have a late night cappuccino at Starbucks. We might even hold hands walking back to our beautiful Glen home; or, if it’s a first date, back to the car to plan a second date.

Since I live about 30 steps from Glen Town Center I see a lot of first dates. Second dates and long term anniversaries, too. The Glen…it’s a great place to fall in love for the first time. Or fall in love all over again.

If you’re interested in living in The Glen, please contact me. I am an award winning Realtor affiliated with Coldwell Banker.

Margaret Ludemann, The Glen Realty Group