Glen residents are connected by private group email

The Glen’s Yahoo group connects residents of the Glen with one another via email. The Glen, of course, is a luxury residential and retail development in Glenview Illinois on Chicago’s north shore. This group “list serv” allows residents to ask hundreds of neighbors for recommended service providers in a single email. So if you need a recommendation for a plumber or babysitter or whatever…you can email everyone else in the neighborhood and get numerous replies. And all replies go to everyone in the group as well.

But it’s not just to find quality service providers. Would you like to sell that old bike taking up space in the garage? Or get help in finding your lost dog. Or find out what people think of a new restaurant. Or find tickets to a Bears game that a neighbor is not going to use. It’s like having the whole community right there in your computer…hundreds of neighbors just waiting to help you out. And you can use any email address you want, not just yahoo addresses.

Don’t worry about your inbox being flooded with Glen emails. On an average day you’ll receive about 8 emails. They are clearly marked in the reference line as being from a Glen resident. Or you can receive one email each evening with all of the emails in a day bundled into it.

There are over 700 members of the Glen’s group. It’s open to any Glen homeowner or renter. And it’s free! You sign up with Yahoo which sends notification to the group’s volunteer moderator. The moderator sends the applicant an application used to confirm residency; and you’re in.

If you live in the Glen and are not a member, here is what you do:

Go to Click on JOIN THIS GROUP.

If you don’t have a Yahoo ID to sign in, you can get one by clicking the CREATE NEW ACCOUNT at the bottom of the Sign In To Yahoo box. After you’ve done that, follow the directions to join.

If you DO have a Yahoo ID: After clicking JOIN THIS GROUP just sign in to Yahoo, and follow the directions to join.

If you are thinking about living in the Glen, consider this just one more benefit.  I’ve lived here for 13 wonderful years.

Margaret Ludemann, Coldwell Banker Realtor