The Glen hosts scores of health care professionals

When non-residents think of The Glen (the upscale residential & retail development in Glenview, Illinois) they think of our many restaurants, shops, theater, and children’s venues (Kohl Children’s Museum, Make-a-Messterpiece, and Color Me Mine) in Glen Town Center.  These are top of mind for residents, too, along with our lovely neighborhoods and homes.  There is another important characteristic of The Glen, however, that gets less attention but is an important part of our community…health care.

The Glen is home to the offices of scores of medical professionals including general practitioners, specialists, clinics, physical therapy centers and dentists.  When my family and I moved to The Glen ten years ago we were delighted to find a major pediatric health care practice for our son within walking distance of our Tower Crossing home (Glenbrook Pediatrics) on Compass Road.  A wonderful general practitioner practice (Covenant Medical Group) is also on Compass.  In fact, Compass Road is host to four buildings filled with doctors including several specialists.

The Glen also has numerous dental practices.  Dr. Suh, a popular local dentist, is located on Patriot Blvd (the main north south street through The Glen.)  His office is in the retail development with Dominicks grocery store and the ever-popular, upscale restaurant Wildfire.  Our Park Center, which includes a swimming pool and health/fitness club, has a physical therapy center.  There are other physical therapists in The Glen as well.

I should also point out that there is a Fire Station with ambulance service located in The Glen within a couple of minutes of every home in the development; and the highly rated Glenbrook Hospital, while not in The Glen, is only 5 minutes away by car or ambulance.

There is so much to love about living in The Glen.  Available health care is one of them.

Margaret Ludemann, resident of The Glen and Coldwell Banker Realtor