Tower Crossing in The Glen checks all the boxes

Hiding under my desk I found a newspaper article about townhomes.  I cut it out of the paper a couple of months ago.  Must have slipped off my desk.  Anyway, the writer* offered four recommendations for townhome buyers.  As I read it again, it occurred to me that that The Glen’s Tower Crossing townhomes checked each of the four boxes.

#1        PLACE A PREMIUM ON LOCATION    CHECK, Tower Crossing is in The Glen, a residential and retail development in Glenview Illinois.  The development has its own “Main Street” with shops, restaurants, and cinema.  Glenview offers award-winning schools and its own train station getting you to downtown Chicago in a little over half an hour.

#2        LOOK FOR A TOWNHOME WITH AN EXPANSIVE INTERIOR    CHECK, there are six models of townhomes ranging in size from 3032 sq ft to 4105 sq ft.  That’s big!

#3        DON’T TRADE OFF PARKING    CHECK, each of the 154 townhomes in Tower Crossing has its own 2+ car garage.

#4        LOOK FOR A HARMONIOUS COMMUNITY    CHECK, I’ve lived in Tower Crossing for 16 years, and my neighborhood is the friendliest place I’ve ever lived.  We have cookouts, picnics, cocktail parties, holiday get-togethers and much more.

So, as you can see, Tower Crossing checks all the boxes.  We are a harmonious community of large townhomes with attached parking; and we are walking distance to retail and a Metra train station.  Plus, our kids attend among great schools.

If you’re interested in this kind of townhome living, give me a call.  I am an award-winning Coldwell Banker Realtor and resident of this remarkable community.

Margaret Ludemann, Realtor   847-401-1802

The Glen Realty Group


*  The writer was Ellen Martin, Andrews McMeel Syndication