Big year for home sales in Southgate in The Glen

Southgate sign at the corner of Patriot Blvd and Independence.

Southgate in The Glen is experiencing a big year in home sales.  In fact, nearly double as many Southgate homes have already sold in 2012 vs. all of 2011, and the year isn’t over!

Southgate is one of the wonderful communities in The Glen, Glenview Illinois.  There are 299 homes in the 104 acres of Southgate.  237 of these are single family detached homes,  55 border The Glen Club’s championship golf course.  There are also 62 attached homes:  38 are row homes and 24 are villas.

A little sales history will prove my point regarding the big sales jump in 2012.  Seven Southgate homes sold in 2011, which is about the average over the last three years.  But so far in 2012, thirteen homes have sold.  Plus there are three homes under contract, waiting to close.  I suspect that at least two of these will close yet in 2012, so Southgate should end up with 15 sales for the full year.

What’s behind the increase in sales?  Let’s begin with the community itself.  Southgate is one of the most desirable neighborhoods on the north shore.  The homes are stunning in appearance and built with the highest quality of materials and workmanship.  Second, many people waited to buy their next homes until the economy improved and jobs became more secure.  Well, that time has arrived, and the buyers are looking for quality properties. Third, prices are well below their 2006 highs, but they are beginning to increase.  So now is an ideal time to buy.  Finally, mortgage interest rates are at historically low levels.  It all adds up to a boom in Southgate sales.  If you are interested in a Southgate home, please contact me at 847-401-1802.