Regency at The Glen sales are picking up steam

Judging from 2015 real estate sales in the Glen’s Regency development, it’s obvious that this new’ish neighborhood is already turning over to second owners. While the development only sold out last year, several homes of early buyers have re-sold and others rented in the first half of this year. This is good news for buyers […] Read more »

Home prices in The Glen…by Neighborhood

Home prices in the Glen vary by neighborhood, and they range from the $300,000’s to over $2 million. There are ten subdivisions within the Glen development. Each was conceived, designed, and built by its own developer between about 2000 and…well, two neighborhoods are still being built. I’m frequently asked about home prices in these various […] Read more »

What if your realtor doesn’t know the Glen neighborhoods?

Home purchases can go south when buyers are ill advised by uninformed realtors. I run into this all the time here in The Glen (in Glenview IL) where there are ten unique neighborhoods with different types of homes, different sizes, and different price points. This is especially true for attached homes such as townhomes, condos, […] Read more »

Many neighborhoods and housing types in The Glen

There are 1,255 privately owned homes in The Glen in Glenview, Illinois. I’m frequently asked questions about the Glen real estate market, and my answer often surprises people. I tell them that there is no Glen housing market. The fact is that there are ten real estate markets within the Glen development. Ten? Indeed, and here […] Read more »

Glenview home sales in perspective

In my blog a few weeks ago I provided a Cliff’s Notes summary of housing sales in Glenview Illinois (on Chicago‘s North Shore), comparing 2014 to 2013. A little longer view is interesting because it shows the result of the real estate market collapse and the subsequent rebound. This blog will deal with Glenview, not […] Read more »

Prices increased in The Glen in 2014

Home prices in The Glen (in Glenview, Illinois on Chicago’s north shore) rose again in 2014. While I haven’t completed my analysis of the entire Glen, I do have information about two of its neighborhoods. Tower Crossing is the development adjacent to Glen Town Center (the shopping and dining “main street) with 154 luxury townhomes. […] Read more »

21 homes for sale in The Glen

There are currently 21 beautiful homes for sale in The Glen, in Glenview Illinois. The Glen is the premier lifestyle community on Chicagoland’s North Shore with over 2,000 luxury homes, and a vibrant community of 17 restaurants, numerous shops and boutiques, and a movie theater in Glen Town Center.  The Glen also offers 2 golf courses and […] Read more »

6 Tower Crossing homes now for sale! (6 for rent, too)

Three months ago I wrote that only 1 Tower Crossing home was available for sale. My my, how the world has changed in 3 months. Since then 5 homes have been newly listed, and a total of 6 homes are currently for sale. Tower Crossing is a 154 unit luxury townhome development in The Glen […] Read more »

Mid-Year analysis of Tower Crossing home prices

Since I haven’t written about the Tower Crossing neighborhood in The Glen since February, I thought I would provide an update on pricing. Tower Crossing has 154 luxury townhomes ranging in size from 3031 sq ft to 4015 sq ft depending on model. Yes indeed, these are large homes! They reside in The Glen, the […] Read more »

Chapel Crossing at The Glen… a great place for families

Chapel Crossing is an upscale housing development in The Glen, in Glenview Illinois. It consists of 168 luxury homes, all single family detached. It was constructed 13 years ago when The Glen was just getting under way. The developer was Kimball Hill Homes which also developed nearby Tower Crossing. Homes in Chapel Crossing range in […] Read more »