Home rental market in The Glen

Applied Research Counselors, a Chicago consulting firm, recently analyzed the Chicago area suburban rental market. They discovered that rents in suburbia averaged $1.24 p/sq ft in the 1st quarter. I decided to look at 2013 rentals in The Glen. Since it would be difficult to analyze the entire Glen, I chose the Tower Crossing neighborhood where I already have a great deal of data.

The Glen (in Glenview Illinois) is the North Shore’s premier lifestyle community with many unique neighborhoods, a large variety of housing types, and a vibrant “main street” in Glen Town Center. Tower Crossing’s 154 luxury townhomes surround Glen Town Center on three sides. These homes range in size from 3,031 sq ft to 4,105 sq ft; and their sales prices are in a range of mid-$600,000 to mid-$800,000. While the development sold out years ago, several homes are rented by homeowners each year.

There were 10 MLS listed Tower Crossing rentals in 2013; and they averaged $1.23 p/sq ft. Actually, the math came out to be $1.236, so rounded up our 2013 rentals matched the Q1, 2014 suburban number as reported by Allied Research. Looks like a draw to me! However, I did find some variance in the rental amounts in the various models in Tower Crossing.

The dollar rental values of Omnis (and occasionally Biltmores) tend to be higher than other models while Valencias are lower.

Taking into consideration the size of the models, Drakes (3075 sq ft) and Astorias (3210 sq ft) have somewhat higher monthly rental prices p/sq ft while Omnis and Valencias are a bit lower. Biltmore rents are all over the place. Over the last couple of years they have ranged from $3800 ($1.06 p/sq ft) to $4700 ($1.31 p/sq ft) per month.

So, what I discovered is that Tower Crossing rents overall equal the suburban average, but the rental prices p/sq ft have a rather significant range. Knowing the Glen real estate market as I do, I suspect that rental prices in other Glen neighborhoods (on a p/sq ft basis) are similar to Tower Crossing.

If you may be interested in living in The Glen as a homeowner or renter, please contact me at margaret.ludemann@cbexchange.com.

Margaret Ludemann, Glen resident and Coldwell Banker Realtor