The Glen is a commuter’s dream…train to the city in about a half hour

“There’s something about the sound of a train that’s very romantic and nostalgic and hopeful.”  So said singer/song writer Paul Simon. To that I would add – though less poetically – that they beat sitting for hours on the Edens and Kennedy expressways to downtown Chicago.

The Glen, a prestigious north shore development in Glenview Illinois, has frequent Metra train service to the city. In fact commuters can travel from the Glen to Chicago’s Union Station in as little as 34 minutes. By driving standards, that’s warp speed. The men and women who designed the Glen wisely decided that the development should have its own train depot (a beauty, I might add). Because of their foresight, on weekdays Glen residents can board any one of 25 trains to the city beginning as early as 5:37 a.m. and as late as 11:03 p.m. There are also 24 weekday trains that return to the Glen, some of which are express trains that leave Union Station in the late afternoon and early evening. The Glen is a commuter’s dream. Not only do Glen residents live in beautiful homes, golf on two great local courses, and eat in any of 17 restaurants in Glen Town Center, they can get to their city offices quickly and enjoyably.

Weekend service is also available for Glen residents who love to go into the city for shopping, dining, sporting events, and Chicago’s many wonderful cultural offerings. 10 trains go to the city on Saturday and again on Sunday. They leave as early as 6:28 a.m. 9 trains return to the Glen throughout the day and evening.

The nearby Glenview train station provides Amtrak service, particularly beneficial for locals who want to catch the Bulls or Cubs when playing in Milwaukee where tickets are more readily available. It takes an hour and 7 minutes, and there are only 2 stops. One of those stops is at Milwaukee International Airport (a 52 minute ride from Glenview), a less busy travel option that many locals enjoy rather than using O’Hare or Midway.

There are countless benefits to living in The Glen including easy access to the city and points in between. If you are interested in living in this incredible community, please contact me.  There are many homes for sale and rent.  I am a Glen resident and an award-winning Realtor affiliated with Coldwell Banker.

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