The Glen…urban living in the suburbs

It’s not just a home; it’s a lifestyle.” Over the years I’ve said this to scores of my home buyer clients who were considering the Glen, the luxury residential and retail community in Glenview Illinois. I include it in all of my marketing materials. And there’s good reason. You can find a nice home anywhere, but the Glen lifestyle is unique and wonderful.

Many years ago, as a young single woman just out of college, I moved to a condo at Division and Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. I loved living in the exciting urban setting of Chicago. I loved the restaurants, shopping, and the theaters. I loved North Avenue Beach. I loved the convenience of walking to the gym, the grocery store, the laundry, and the train. I loved meeting friends for a drink after work. I loved walking down Michigan Avenue with all of the people hurrying off to work or play. What a life!

There were downsides, too, of course. Traffic congestion. Noise. Waiting in lines. Holding my purse close and tight while walking in crowds. So with all of the benefits of urban living, there were some less than pleasurable things as well.

Fast forward to 2003. I’m married. I have a three year old son. I need to consider safety. I need to think about schools. But, like many city dwellers, I didn’t like the idea of living in the suburbs. But then I heard about the Glen, in the north shore community of Glenview. I was told that it was a perfect blend of urban life in a suburban area, and I decided to take a look. One look was all it took for me to fall in love with the Glen. My husband and I bought a townhome bordering Glen Town Center. I discovered that, like in the city, I could walk to everything…the movies, shopping, restaurants, fitness center, laundry, spa, book store, and the Metra train station. I found a buzz while walking along Tower Drive, just like I experienced in the city.

But unlike the city I found that I could also walk to two golf courses, outdoor tennis courts, quiet walking trails, Gallery Park’s large open spaces, Little Bear Garden, and Kohl Children’s Museum. I also learned about Glenview’s world-class schools. In short, I found an urban lifestyle in suburbia. It’s called the Glen. I call it perfect.

Margaret Ludemann, Coldwell Banker Realtor