6 Tower Crossing homes now for sale! (6 for rent, too)

Three months ago I wrote that only 1 Tower Crossing home was available for sale. My my, how the world has changed in 3 months. Since then 5 homes have been newly listed, and a total of 6 homes are currently for sale.

Tower Crossing is a 154 unit luxury townhome development in The Glen in Glenview, Illinois. To anyone who has ever visited the Glen’s restaurants or shops, Tower Crossing will be remembered as the homes bordering Glen Town Center on 3 sides. They are memorable, too, because they are 4 stories high with beautiful Georgian architecture.

There are 6 basic models in Tower Crossing and some major variations such as end units and bridge units. The homes are large, ranging in size from 3031 sq ft to 4105 sq ft. The price points of Tower Crossing homes range between roughly $625,000 and $900,000.

Now is a great time to be in the market for a Tower Crossing townhome because 4 of the models are for sale. There are 2 Astorias for sale, and 1 of them is an end unit. Astorias offer 3210 sq ft, and the end unit adds another 390 sq ft. 3 Blackstones (384 sq ft), an Omni 3625 sq ft) and a Drake end unit (3075 sq ft) are also on the market.

There are 6 homes also on the rental market ranging in prices between $3950 per month to $4500 per month.

The beauty of Tower Crossing lies not only IN the homes, but also outside. You can walk to 25 eating establishments, numerous boutiques, 2 golf courses (including The Glen Club), a movie theater and a book store. And if you walk across the street (Patriot Boulevard) you’ll find Battery Park, Lake Glenview, the Glenview Park Center, walking and biking trails, tennis courts and more. Residents of Tower Crossing will tell you that living here is all about the lifestyle. It’s the best combination of urban and suburban living.

If you are interested in learning more about Tower Crossing or anywhere in The Glen, please contact me at margaret.ludemann@cbexchange.com or 847-401-1802. I am a Tower Crossing resident and a leading Glen-area realtor.

Margaret Ludemann, Coldwell Banker

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