The Glen…a “neighborly” place to live

I’ve lived in The Glen housing development in Glenview Illinois for 13 years, and I’m an original homeowner in the Tower Crossing townhome neighborhood. One of the really fun things about living in my neighborhood is what we call “mailbox parties”. My home is one of 44 homes sharing a large, beautifully landscaped, oval-shaped courtyard. The backs of our townhomes face this serene, park-like setting with lush green grass and large trees. Oh, it also contains…our mailboxes.

From time to time – usually monthly – one neighbor or another announces that a mailbox party will be held on a particular evening with all Valor Court and Valor Drive residents invited. Everyone brings food and drink to share along with big smiles and stories to tell. In the winter, our mailbox parties move inside, sometimes to the Glenview Golf & Paddle clubhouse across the street, sometimes to the Curragh pub, and yet other times to one of our homes. In this way we have created a very neighborly place to live.

Other parts of The Glen have similar traditions. Many of the homes in the Landings neighborhood have adjacent backyards, not only side-by-side, but also back-to-back. It’s common in summertime to see neighbors sharing evenings together “out back”…grilling, sharing drinks, and watching their children run to and fro.

The Chapel Crossing neighborhood is home to Independence Avenue, a long, wide street with a common area dividing its two sides. This green space is a perfect place for neighbors to congregate, particularly on nights when someone has arranged for an ice cream truck to appear at an appointed time. An email goes out to over 800 Glen families announcing the day and time, and there is always a good crowd of neighbors enjoying not only the sweets, but also (mainly) each other.

This kind of thing happens throughout The Glen. Sure, The Glen is known for its beautiful homes, fine restaurants, trendy boutiques, Lake Glenview, and Gallery Park; but the real fun of living here is its neighborly character. It’s a great place…for ice cream socials, backyard bar-b-ques, and yes, even mailbox parties.

If you may be interested in living in The Glen, please give me a call. I am an award-winning Realtor with expert knowledge of the neighborhoods, homes, and lifestyle.

Margaret Ludemann

Coldwell Banker Realtor