24 great reasons to live in The Glen

There are 24 restaurants in The Glen, the upscale housing and retail development in Glenview Illinois on Chicago’s North Shore. We realtors talk a lot about homes. How big they are. Where they are located. Nearby schools. Prices. Too often, though, we forget to discuss other benefits of living in a particular locale. So today I want to tell you about a HUGE benefit of living in The Glen. And here’s one: As a resident I can walk to two dozen Glen restaurants. Really.

The Glen is not your ordinary housing development. Sure, we have plenty of single family homes with large yards. But we also have townhomes, row homes, two-flats, duplexes, condos, and rental apartments. And they are in close proximity to all of these wonderful places to dine and also dozens of shops and entertainment venues. We’re kind of suburban. But we’re kind of urban, too. Actually, we’re a blend of both…with the advantages of each.

I live in Tower Crossing. It’s a neighborhood of townhomes that borders Glen Town Center, The Glen’s “main street”. I can walk out my front door and walk a half block to Salerno’s Italian restaurant. Walk a half block in the other direction and I can dine in The Glen Club’s grill with traditional American cuisine. There are 15 other restaurants right in town center and several others if I’m up for a walk of 5 or 6 blocks. The Glen offers food of all kinds. We have, as I said, Italian and American cuisine; and we also have Mexican, Irish, Japanese, Thai and Indian. From upscale dining to casual sandwich shops, The Glen has it all.

How many times have you wanted to go out to eat, but you didn’t want to deal with traffic? Or maybe you didn’t want to drive after having a cocktail? Ah, the beauty of living in The Glen.

To see a list of all Glen restaurants (and their menus) go to www.theglentowncenter.com. And if you are interested in living in the Glen, give me a call at 847-401-1802 or send me an email at Margaret.Ludemann@CBexchange.com.

Margaret Ludemann, Coldwell Banker Realtor