The Glen…Convenient to Everything

My husband and I recently purchased a condo in his home town of Omaha.  It’s for investment purposes, at least for now.  Someday way down the road after I retire, we may use it personally as well as keeping our home here in The Glen (in the north shore community of Glenview). Why do I […] Read more »

Spend the Holidays in Glen Town Center

The Holiday Season is in full swing in Glen Town Center, and there’s nowhere I’d rather be!  All of our upscale stores and Glen restaurants are decorated beautifully, and our streets are colorful and vibrant with twinkling lights and holiday decorations!  We have many events and activities planned for this holiday season. Photos with Santa […] Read more »

76 home sales in The Glen in 2016

There were 76 home sales in The Glen in 2016, almost identical to the 78 sold in 2015.  The Glen is a residential and retail development in Glenview Illinois known for its luxury homes and Glen Town Center, the shopping and restaurant mecca of Chicagoland’s North Shore.  It resides on the former property of the […] Read more »

The Holidays in The Glen

Margaret Ludemen specialzes in the Glen

The Glen during the holidays is magical, especially in Glen Town Center, our retail hub with upscale restaurants and shopping galore.  You’ll quickly notice the colorful lighting and the shops filled with seasonal gifts you can’t find anywhere else.  And there are special events for the kids, two of which I’ll highlight below. The Glen […] Read more »

The Glen…by the numbers

The Annual Census for The Glen (in Glenview, Illinois) has just been released, and it has interesting information about the population of this community. I will delve into many of the details, particularly as it relates to children and schools, in future blogs; but in this one I will share with you some of the […] Read more »

Tower Crossing…REALLY big townhomes

Ever heard of a townhome with over 4,000 square feet? I didn’t think so. Well, unless you live in Tower Crossing in The Glen, home to 154 townhomes ranging in size from 3,031 to 4,105 square feet, depending on the model. It’s not only a cool place…it’s MY cool place. I’ve lived here since 2003 […] Read more »

22 Luxury Homes For Sale in The Glen

Chapel Crossing at The Glen- Glenview IL

If you’ve thought about living in The Glen one day, now’s a pretty good time to make your move. There are currently 22 homes on the market for sale, and there are always some available rentals as well. The Glen in Glenview Illinois is a very special place to live. This development, built on the […] Read more »

11 more great reasons to live in The Glen

In my blog last week (24 great reasons to live in The Glen) I told you about the convenience and fun of having 24 restaurants all within walking distance of Glen residents. Well, something happened last Saturday night that reminds me of 11 more great reasons. So here’s the story… A Glen neighbor invited my […] Read more »

24 great reasons to live in The Glen

There are 24 restaurants in The Glen, the upscale housing and retail development in Glenview Illinois on Chicago’s North Shore. We realtors talk a lot about homes. How big they are. Where they are located. Nearby schools. Prices. Too often, though, we forget to discuss other benefits of living in a particular locale. So today […] Read more »