Chapel Crossing at The Glen… a great place for families

Chapel Crossing is an upscale housing development in The Glen, in Glenview Illinois. It consists of 168 luxury homes, all single family detached.

It was constructed 13 years ago when The Glen was just getting under way. The developer was Kimball Hill Homes which also developed nearby Tower Crossing. Homes in Chapel Crossing range in size from 2300 sq ft to 4200 sq ft with most being toward the high end of this range. The architecture is traditional, and the interior designs are elegant yet comfortable. All have large beautifully landscaped yards and detached garages.

The development is named after the lovely chapel at the corner of Patriot Boulevard and Chestnut Avenue which had served as the place of worship for the Naval Air Station Glenview which is the former occupant of the land upon which The Glen now resides. The Chapel still stands, though now it is used mainly for weddings, community events and a pre-school.

The main entrance into Chapel Crossing is from Patriot on Independence Avenue. Kimball Hill Homes wished to create a grand boulevard of large, stately homes; and the firm succeeded masterfully. The boulevard has a broad, wonderfully landscaped median with many park-like amenities including benches, play areas, and large trees.

The real estate market in Chapel Crossing is stable. As the primary homeowner demographic is defined by families with children, the annual turnover of homes is relatively small. In 2013, only 9 homes were sold (5.3% of the development.) Home prices range from about $900,000 to roughly $1.25 million. Prices last year averaged $1,031,527.

Chapel Crossing resides across Chestnut Avenue to Attea Middle School, the Glenview Park Center, Little Bear Garden,  and Gallery Park. It is but a short walk to Glen Town Center, The Glen’s main shopping and restaurant area, and to two impressive golf courses.

If you would like to learn about living in Chapel Crossing please email me at or call at 847-401-1802. I am a Glen homeowner and an award-winning realtor affiliated with Coldwell Banker.

Margaret Ludemann