New Census Data for The Glen

A census is done each year in The Glen (by Ehlers & Associates), and the information is always very interesting to those of us who live here and to prospective home buyers.  The Glen is a luxury home and retail development in Glenview, Illinois in the Chicago area’s North Shore.  Some time ago I wrote a blog with the results of 2012’s census.  Below I will summarize some of 2013’s study;  and I will offer more of its information in future blogs.

There are 13 development areas in The Glen, 9 of which are composed of private residences.  The additional 4 areas include 3 senior housing developments and 1 composed of Navy housing.

For the 9 private home development areas, the following shows the number of homes and the number of residents in each (in alphabetical order), broken down by adults and children.  Particularly interesting is the percentage of children in each development.

Aloft Apartments:  181 homes,  199 residents,  188 adults,  11 children,  percentage of children 6%

Cambridge:  244 homes,  698 residents,  478 adults,  220 children,  percentage of children 32%

Chapel Crossing:  167 homes,  676 residents,  378 adults,  298 children,  percentage of children 44%

Glen Shore:  31 homes,  52 residents,  48 adults,  4 children,  percentage of children 8%

Landings (formerly Concord):  143 homes,  588 residents,  322 adults,  266 children,  percentage of children 45%

Patriot Commons:  68 homes,  144 residents,  122 adults, 22 children,  percentage of children 15%

Regency:  62 homes, 153 residents,  124 adults,  29 children,  percentage of children 19%

Southgate:  299 homes,  1,024 residents,  612 adults,  412 children,  percentage of children 40%

Tower Crossing:  154 homes,  378 residents,  299 adults,  79 children,  percentage of children 21%

TOTAL:  1,349 homes,  3,912 residents,  2,571 adults,  1,341 children,  percentage of children 34%

Not surprisingly, the areas with the most single family homes have the largest percentage of children, those would be Landings (formerly called Concord), Chapel Crossing, and Southgate.  Tower Crossing, Patriot Commons, Cambridge, Regency, Aloft, and Glen Shore offer attached housing units such as townhomes, row homes, villas, two-flats, duplexes,  condos or apartments.  Southgate, Regency and Cambridge have single family AND attached homes.

If you may be interested in living in The Glen, please contact me at 847-401-1802 or by email at  I have lived in The Glen for 10 years, and I know each development intimately.

Margaret Ludemann, Resident of The Glen and Coldwell Banker Realtor