It’s spring…time to sell or buy a home in The Glen

Yes, I know you’ve heard it many times, but here it is again.  Spring is the very best time of year to buy or sell a home.  It’s when buyers begin to get serious about their next home purchase.  Why?  Well, a couple of reasons. First, spring (yes, I think it’s really here now) is […] Read more »

Kids in The Glen

Kids. Lots of them. Right here in The Glen! In fact we have 1,336 children (ages birth through the 12th grade) in the 1,254 privately owned homes in this upscale residential and retail community in Glenview Illinois. As a long time Glen resident and as a Realtor who focuses heavily on The Glen, I know […] Read more »

Where the kids are…in The Glen

The Glen-Fun-for-all-ages

The Glen is a housing and retail development in Glenview Illinois, on Chicago‘s North Shore. It’s filled with luxury homes, restaurants galore, boutiques, a book store, a movie theater, and (drum roll please)…a lot of kids! In my most recent blog I wrote about the new Glen census which tells us that roughly one-third of […] Read more »

New census of The Glen tell us a lot about the homes, neighborhoods and residents

The new census for The Glen has just been completed, and it is interesting reading. For instance it tells us that there are 4,960 residents residing in 2,221 homes in the 13 development areas (read: neighborhoods), as of August, 2014. Of these nearly 5,000 residents, 1,367 are children. Each year the Village of Glenview (in […] Read more »

Glenview, a Top 100 safe city!

I’ve never started a Glen blog referencing the FBI, but here goes… According to FBI crime data Glenview, Illinois, home to the upscale North Shore development called The Glen, is one of the safest cities in the United States.  Location, Inc is the firm behind the website which recently reported on the 100 safest […] Read more »

Halloween in The Glen

There’s no better place for a kid on Halloween than The Glen which is the North Shore’s premier lifestyle community, in Glenview Illinois.  This place is packed with kids of all ages, and the community goes all out to make Halloween fun and safe. The heart of The Glen is our “downtown” called Glen Town […] Read more »

New Census Data for The Glen

A census is done each year in The Glen (by Ehlers & Associates), and the information is always very interesting to those of us who live here and to prospective home buyers.  The Glen is a luxury home and retail development in Glenview, Illinois in the Chicago area’s North Shore.  Some time ago I wrote a blog […] Read more »

Kids in The Glen & Where They Go To School

Hard to believe, but schools open here in Glenview, Illinois in just over a month.  Getting my son ready for 7th grade is on my mind, and I thought I would share with you what I know about kids in the Glen and their schools. Before I get into the numbers, I should tell you that […] Read more »

The Glen Census: Neighborhoods, Residents, Children

Often I receive phone calls or emails from people who live outside of the Chicago metropolitan area who have heard of The Glen or who discovered it while performing real estate searches.  Many found individual homes online, but wonder what the neighborhood is like…and if it’s family/children friendly.  Well, here is some of what I […] Read more »