Planes, Trains and Automobiles: The Glen is a convenient place to live.

One of the great advantages to living in The Glen (an upscale development in north shore community Glenview, Illinois) is its proximity to rail, automobile and air transportation.  When my family and I moved here 10 years ago, our primary considerations were the quality of schools, the Glen Town Center lifestyle, and the stunning townhome we were purchasing at Tower Crossing.  Only after we moved here did we learn how easy and fast it is to get around.

Having previously lived in the city we hoped to make regular trips downtown.  We were happy to learn that the new Glen Metra station would deliver us to Union Station in 30 – 45 minutes depending on time of day.  The station is especially close to the Cambridge neighborhood with its many townhomes, duplexes, two-flats and single family homes.

Speaking of trains, Amtrak stops at the Glenview station, about 5 minutes away by car; and it is very helpful to people needing to get to Milwaukee (67 minutes) or to Milwaukee’s Mitchell Airport (52 minutes).  Using Mitchell gives air travelers an additional option.

A huge surprise was the speedy trip to O’Hare.  At that time my husband was travelling extensively.  How pleasant to discover that the morning trip to O’Hare took 23 minutes, and an evening return trip took about the same time.  Reverse commute traffic is to thank for that.

The best news of all is that if you don’t want to go anywhere there is much to do right here in The Glen.  We have 15 restaurants, a movie theater, spa, art gallery, and scores of shops in Glen Town Center which is walking distance or very short drive from any home in The Glen.  It is particularly close to the Chapel Crossing, Patriot Commons, Cambridge and Tower Crossing developments.

If you would like to learn about homes in The Glen, please give me a call at 847-401-1802 or by email at

Margaret Ludemann, Glen Resident and Coldwell Banker Realtor