The Glen. New Urbanism. Huh?

The Glen in Glenview Illinois is a perfect example of a community design concept called New Urbanism which emphasizes walkable neighborhoods that reduce a dependence on cars and one that promotes a strong sense of community.  Rather than the seemingly endless developments of single family homes with no commercial core, new urbanism envisions a retail center around which various neighborhoods are built with a variety of home styles.

Suburban sprawl came about with the rise of cars in the first half of the 20th century.  Autos allowed people to live away from the city.  To go to the city or – later – to shopping malls that sprang up in the 60’s and 70’s, people got in their cars and drove.  They may have lived in specific neighborhoods, but they had little in the way of identity and emotional attachment to these areas.

New Urbanism also emphasizes plenty of open spaces and community institutions to be shared by residents and easily accessible by walking or riding bikes.  Mass transit typically is provided for distances that might typically be reached by automobiles, thus New Urbanism is considered environmentally friendly.

The Glen has a retail core called Glen Town Center with tons of shops, restaurants and a movie theater.  This three block area is located on Tower Drive that my family refers to as “Main Street”.  Within The Glen one also finds playgrounds, two golf courses, tennis courts, sports fields, Battery Park, Lake Glenview, Kohl Children’s Museum, and the Glenview Park Center with a health club, basketball courts, and a pre-school.  Residents from any of the various Glen neighborhoods can walk to any of these venues.

There are many housing types in The Glen including single family homes, condos, townhomes, row homes, duplexes and two-flats.  These homes offer an abundance of architectural styles to please most any taste.  We also have our own Metra train station for residents who need to reach the city for work or who want to take advantage of Chicago’s many cultural and sports offerings.

If The Glen sounds like kind of place where you would like to live, please contact me.  I am a long time Glen homeowner and an award winning Realtor.  I can be reached by phone at 847-401-1802 or by email at

Margaret Ludemann, Coldwell Banker Realtor