The Glen. New Urbanism. Huh?

The Glen in Glenview Illinois is a perfect example of a community design concept called New Urbanism which emphasizes walkable neighborhoods that reduce a dependence on cars and one that promotes a strong sense of community.  Rather than the seemingly endless developments of single family homes with no commercial core, new urbanism envisions a retail […] Read more »

Walk to 15 restaurants in The Glen

Let’s see, my son is at a school event until 9 p.m. My husband and I are tired tonight, and neither of us is in the mood to cook. What shall we do? Oh yeah, we live in The Glen where we can walk to fifteen restaurants. Not a typo. Fifteen places to eat within […] Read more »

“New Urbanism” in The Glen

  If you didn’t see Mary Ellen Podmolik’s story, “Paving the Way for a Vibrant Downtown”, in the Chicago Tribune on November 10th, please go online and find it.  Not only is Ms. Podmolik one of the finest journalists who write about real estate, but she selected a very timely and engaging topic…”new urbanism”.  In […] Read more »