Tower Crossing sales and prices higher than in 2012

On the site of the former Naval air base in Glenview, Illinois sits a residential and retail development called The Glen which has become the premier lifestyle community on the Chicago area’s North Shore.  There are several neighborhoods in The Glen including Chapel Crossing, Landings, Southgate, Tower Crossing, Cambridge, Regency, Glen Shore and Patriot Commons.  In this blog I will discuss home sales and prices in Tower Crossing.

Tower Crossing is a townhome development with 154 beautiful brick homes ranging in size from 3031 sq ft to 4005 sq ft.  Tower Crossing has 6 models, (Astoria, Biltmore, Blackstone, Drake, Omni, and Valencia).

18 Tower Crossing homes have sold so far in 2013.  This exceeds the total number of sales (11) in all of 2012!!!  The following shows the number of sales and prices in 2013 by model:

Astoria:  5 Astorias have sold this year, however 1 was not listed.  The average price of the remaining 4 Astorias sold in 2013 is $669,975.

Biltmore:  0 homes have sold this year.

Blackstone:  6 sales at an average price of $712,000.

Drake:  3 sales at an average price of $687,500.  2 of these homes have elevators which positively impacted the prices paid.

Omni:  3 sales, however 1 was bank owned (it sold for $575,000).  The remaining 2 properties sold for an average of $706,000.  ($705,000 and $707,000.)

Valencia:  1 sale at $615,000.

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Margaret Ludemann, Glen Resident & Coldwell Banker Realtor