The Glen Census: Neighborhoods, Residents, Children

Often I receive phone calls or emails from people who live outside of the Chicago metropolitan area who have heard of The Glen or who discovered it while performing real estate searches.  Many found individual homes online, but wonder what the neighborhood is like…and if it’s family/children friendly.  Well, here is some of what I tell them…

                                            “The Glen – By the Numbers.”

NEIGHBORHOODS:  The Glen is not just one neighborhood.  In fact, we have 13 defined residential areas.  They can be classified into three different types of housing:

(1) Privately owned or rented single and multi-family units: Chapel Crossing at The Glen, Landings at The Glen, Cambridge at The Glen, Southgate on The Glen, Patriot Commons at The Glen, Regency at The Glen, Aloft at The Glen Tower Center, Tower Crossing at The Glen and Glenshore Condos;

(2) Senior housing: Vi at The Glen, Chestnut Square at The Glen and Thomas Place; and

(3) Navy town homes (The Glen is located on the land formerly used as Naval Air Station Glenview, and there continues to be some Navy housing.)

HOMES, POPULATION & CHILDREN:  There are 2,075 homes and 4,843 residents in The Glen.  For the record, I haven’t met one who doesn’t love it here.  Of those nearly 5,000 residents are 1,420 children.

  • 1,119 of the children are old enough to attend school.
  • Of these, 210 attend non-public schools (about 18%).
  • 948 children attend the several excellent public schools in Glenview.

The numbers, of course, only tell you a part of the story.  To learn about our homes, shopping, dining, golfing, and lifestyle, please give me a call at 847-401-1802.

Margaret Ludemann

Glen Resident & Coldwell Banker Realtor