2017 should be a solid year for home sales and prices in The Glen

The Glen in Glenview, Illinois is not only a great place to live, but it also enjoys a strong real estate market. I thought you would find it interesting to look ahead to Glen home sales and prices in 2017. The economic environment for real estate sales was positive in 2016 which is good news […] Read more »

Impact of new jobs report on Glen home buyers & sellers

The Labor Department reported last Friday that the economy created 271,000 new jobs in October which is much better than anticipated; and the unemployment rate dropped to 5%. That’s great news, of course.   In simple terms, people without jobs can’t purchase homes, so more jobs = a larger pool of prospective buyers. Even entry level […] Read more »

The real estate market is strong this year…nationally and in the Glen

As a realtor I’m asked about the real estate market every day.  And since I live in The Glen, a luxury home development in Glenview Illinois, everyone wants to know how homes are selling here.  Well, the market is strong, thank you very much. Home sales are up nationally and in in the Glen. New […] Read more »

Positive economic environment for real estate sales

The economic environment for real estate sales was positive through most of 2014, and that good news should continue in 2015. After a slow start in the first quarter 2014 due to the long winter, the American economy had the strongest 6 month performance in 11 years including a 5% growth rate on an annual […] Read more »

Mortgage interest rates: good news for home buyers and sellers

Homes For Sale in The Glen

A few weeks ago a potential buyer of a home in The Glen (in Glenview Illinois) told me that he was holding off buying a home until mortgage interest rates improve. I believed that was unwise, so I researched historical 30 year, fixed rate mortgage interest rates using Freddie Mac data. I grouped them into 5 year […] Read more »

Glen real estate market strong. “Normal” by 2015/16.

The residential real estate market in The Glen, Glenview, and elsewhere is in the early stages of returning to what we would recognize as normal, meaning relatively steady growth in sales and prices in most years. Why? Well, consumer confidence has been trending up, and it is near a six year high. Interest rates remain low […] Read more »

Real estate market losing steam? Not in The Glen!

I measured it.  It was ¾”.  That was the distance between two articles on page 3 of the Chicago Tribune’s Business Section of March 26.  One article said that home prices went down in January.  The other said that January’s prices had gone up “solidly”.  It’s no wonder that people get confused about the real […] Read more »

Home sales surge, prices rise, time on market falls in The Glen

2013 was the year that Glen homeowners have been waiting for.  The Glen is an upscale residential and retail development in Glenview, Illinois in the Chicago area’s North Shore. The real estate market for its homes was exceptionally strong.  Sales were up considerably, prices rebounded nicely, and the time it took to sell homes fell.  Further, […] Read more »

Surprise Fed Announcement Good News for Home Sales

I have an excuse for knowing about Gomer Pyle, Jim Nabors’ hayseed character on the 1960’s Andy Griffith show.  My husband is older than me (!) and he watches re-runs on ME-TV.  I bring this up because of his call to me Wednesday in his spot-on impression of Gomer’s signature adage…Sur-prise Sur-prise Sur-prise!  He had […] Read more »