Why a home sale falls through

Home sales are complicated. There’s a lot more to it than putting a buyer and seller together. Things can go wrong. Deals do not always close. And here are the top reasons why some home purchases fall through: Inspection surprises. Each transaction involves an inspection by a licensed home inspector. Some are very good. Some, […] Read more »

Glenview, one of the safest cities in the U.S.

Safety. You’ll find few other factors more important to home buyers. And here’s some great news for homeowners in The Glen, a residential and retail development in Glenview, Illinois. Glenview is ranked the 37th safest city in the United States! OK, let’s put that in perspective. According to U.S. Census Bureau statistics, there are 19,354 […] Read more »

Impact of new jobs report on Glen home buyers & sellers

The Labor Department reported last Friday that the economy created 271,000 new jobs in October which is much better than anticipated; and the unemployment rate dropped to 5%. That’s great news, of course.   In simple terms, people without jobs can’t purchase homes, so more jobs = a larger pool of prospective buyers. Even entry level […] Read more »

What you should know about home appraisals

A neighbor of mine here in The Glen is considering selling his home, and knowing this will require an appraisal of his home, he asked me how they work. So I thought I would write to you about it in today’s blog. Home appraisals are performed by independent, certified professionals (not realtors) to establish the […] Read more »

Mortgage interest rates: good news for home buyers and sellers

Homes For Sale in The Glen

A few weeks ago a potential buyer of a home in The Glen (in Glenview Illinois) told me that he was holding off buying a home until mortgage interest rates improve. I believed that was unwise, so I researched historical 30 year, fixed rate mortgage interest rates using Freddie Mac data. I grouped them into 5 year […] Read more »

Home inspections & appraisals, what sellers should know

As a top Realtor living in The Glen, I sell a lot of homes here.  The Glen is an upscale community with single family and attached homes in Glenview Illinois on Chicago‘s North Shore.  Whenever I get a new listing I visit with my clients about two pieces of the sales process that they often […] Read more »